Fit Bakes Review

Fit Bakes kindly sent me one of their selection boxes to try. Often lower calorie cakes can taste awful so I thought I would write a review of what I thought…

Wholemeal Carrot Cakes

The cakes were very moist (I’m sorry for using that word) but almost slightly too much so. The taste was delicious which the perfect amount of cinnamon. I really enjoyed the filling.


Blueberry Cakes

I really liked the flavour but the texture was just too heavy and stodgy for me. Although I say this, it didn’t stop me from finishing the whole pack.



Lemon Drizzle Cakes

I saved these until last to try because lemon drizzle cake doesn’t feel me with excitement like other cake does! These cakes had a perfectly soft texture and the balance of lemon was spot on. I think these were actually one of my favourite – I’m a convert!



Apple and Cinnamon Cakes

Again, these cakes had a really nice texture with pieces of apple in. I would definitely buy these in future as they were delicious.



Sweet Potato Brownies

You can taste the sweet potato in these brownies but they have been executed very well. They are very fudgy and chocolatey – the perfect to satisfy a sweet tooth!



Citrus Fudge

I really enjoyed the citrus fudge as the citrus flavour wasn’t too overpowering. The texture of the fudge was smooth and easy to eat – no jaw ache here!



Overall, I was really impressed by the products from Fit Bakes. My favourites were the apple and cinnamon cakes and the lemon drizzle cakes. Fit Bakes are available to buy here.


Pret Pumpkin Spice Flat White Review

Okay, this may shock you. I’ve only just tried Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice Latte this month. I have been meaning to try it for three years but could never bring myself to order it as I was sure it was only hype. Thankfully, it did indeed live up the hype but now a new contender is on the block. This year, Pret have release a Pumpkin Spice Flat White and I wanted to see if it is a good as the traditional PSL!

As I was waiting for my train at Euston to visit my parents, I wondered if ten minutes was enough time to speed walk to Pret for the PSFW and back. I risked it and luckily it was. After having a photoshoot with the coffee, I took the first sip. The pumpkin spiced syrup was far more prominent in Pret’s flat white compared to the traditional PSL. I was expecting the flat white to be stronger in the coffee sense due to the fact that there is less milk but obviously the cup size makes a massive difference when two pumps of syrup are used too.


If you are calorie conscious, then Pret’s Flat White has 104 calories compared to a short skinny PSL at 195 calories (I’m not sure if this include whipped cream though!).

If you love the pumpkin spice flavour and have a sweet tooth then I would recommend the flat white. For me, I found the flavour too overpowering and a bit sickly if I’m honest! Have you tried Pret’s PSFW? What did you think? Maybe I just had a poorly made one…

Rating 5/10





Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Peanut Caramel Crisp

I have resisted the big bars of the Dairy Milk peanut caramel crisp SO many times this year due being on strict diets for various powerlifting competitions. After seeing Amy had found a smaller bar, I was desperate to find it to see if it lived up to the Milka peanut caramel bars since it is almost a direct copy!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA          Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

As soon as I unwrapped the bar, I was greeted by a delicious nutty smell and I made my boyfriend (who is allergic to nuts) smell it (sorry Con). The bar is filled with a combination of caramel, rice crisp pieces, peanuts and a peanut filling. The different textures of the crunchy peanuts, rice crisps and smooth caramel really work together to create a delicious bar. I thoroughly enjoyed the combination of savoury peanuts and sweet caramel!


Overall, this bar is probably one of the best peanut based chocolate bars I’ve tried and I would definitely buy it again in future. I would have liked the filling to contain more actual crunchy peanuts but that is the only fault I can find. This bar was found in Sainsbury’s.

Rating 9/10