Health and Fitness Events You Must Attend This Year

One thing I’ve tried to do since moving to London is go to more events and meet new people. I now regularly go to events which are tailored forwards my interest in health and fitness. Sometimes these events can be hard to find out about but sites such as Eventbrite are perfect sources for finding things to go to. I’ve done a list of events which I think sound good and I hope to attend this year…

  1. Fit and Fresh Fest – 28th January at The Hoxton, London, EC2A 3HU
    The Fit and Fresh is a one day fitness festival. Without a ticket you can browse the activewear sample sales, beauty and wellness treatments and the health food market. There are exercise classes, kitchen takeovers and talks which you can attend for £5 each. These include Barry’s Bootcamp, Tally Rye’s HIIT, Girl Gains, The Food Medic and Lululemon.
  2. Fare Healthy – 4th and 5th February at The Old Trueman Brewery, London, E1 6QL
    Fare Healthy is marketed as a ‘feel good festival of food, exercise and well-being’. The festival is divide into three main sections – eat, move and think. It has the likes of Pip and Nut, Deliciously Ella, Livia’s Kitchen and Clean Eating Alice within their line-up.
  3. HBC Summit – 15th April at The Hoxton, London, EC2A 3HU
    The HBC (Health Bloggers Community) Summit is an event which aims to bring together health anf fitness bloggers. The day contains workshops and Q&As with guest speakers Pixie Turner (Plantbased Pixie) , Alice Liveing (Cleaning Eating Alice) and Amy Hopkinson (online editor at Women’s Health).
  4. Be:FIT – 28th-30th April at the Business Design Centre, London, N1 0QH
    Be:FIT is a health and fitness festival which is due to return to London for its fourth year. This year, the highlights include the Another_Space cycle studio, the Protein World Functional Studio, the Reebok Fitness Studio and well as an exhibition full of shopping opportunities.
  5. BodyPower – 12th-14th May at the NEC, Birmingham, B40 1NT
    BodyPower is probably the biggest event of everything bodybuilding, gym and fitness. It is the place to go to sample that protein bar that you could never justify buying due to the price, as well as getting to see the British Weighting athletes in action. You can watch the bodybuilding shows or just take advantage to try the samples on offer!
  6. Balance Festival – 12th-14th May at The Old Trueman Brewery, London, E1 6QL
    The Balance Festival is packed full of fitness classes, live cooking and big brands. The fitness studios include F45, Barry’s and Equinox. The live cooking theatre boasts Clean Eating Alice, Healthy Chef Steph and Zanna Van Dijk. 



Jude’s Ice Cream Review

Jude’s kindly offered to send me some ice cream to try. I jumped at the opportunity after sneaking in the Brown Butter Pecan ice cream into my Mum’s shopping trolley in Waitrose over Christmas and devouring it. One afternoon at work, I received a call from reception. I went down and Laura from Jude’s has arrived with a box full of ice cream which I shared with some of my colleagues (safe to say I’m a favourite now)!

Brown Butter Pecan

As I mentioned previously, I tried this flavour over Christmas and I fell in love with it, announcing to my family it is my absolute favourite ice cream now – not a statement to be taken lightly! In my head the flavour is like a pecan blondie. The ice cream is smooth and sweet. It has pecan quarters evenly distributed  and has delicious swirls of caramel which entice you further into the tub. I was surprised that it was one of the flavours among the last to go in my office so I encouraged one of friends who was having a stressful afternoon to try it. Safe to say that he also fell in love with the flavour.

Rating – 10/10 – my favourite, my bae and not for sharing sorry.


Peanut Butter Chocolate Ripple

As a peanut butter lover, I couldn’t wait to try this flavour as they didn’t stock it in my local Waitrose. Although I found it in my parents local Sainsbury’s, it was the day I was leaving my parents’ house to return to London so it seemed pointless to buy it if I wasn’t going to be there. This ice cream isn’t as sickly sweet as the Ben and Jerry’s peanut butter flavours and I think it’s almost more sophisticated. The ice cream is packed full of fine peanut pieces which remained crisp and crunchy despite being embedded in ice cream. The chocolate ripple is a delightful surprise which complimented the nutty ice cream perfectly. The ice cream definitely exceeded my expectations and I would definitely buy it in future.

Rating – 9/10

Gin and Tonic

I’ve never tried gin and tonic flavoured ice cream before and I was intrigued to see what it tasted like. It was nice to try a mouthful of this flavour but I don’t think that would be able to eat a whole tub of it as it is quite an acquired taste. The mini tub of ice cream was tried by 5/6 people in my office with mixed opinions. I think that it did taste like gin and tonic as did others. As discussed with Laura when she delivered the ice cream, I agree that this flavour would be interesting to try as a sorbet.

Rating – 4/10


Flat White Coffee

I love coffee but I don’t usually go for coffee flavoured products. I tried a mouthful of the coffee ice cream and it was so much nicer than I expected. The coffee flavour is definitely there but it’s not too overpowering. I think that this flavour would go well with a dessert such as a brownie. The rest of the mini tub of ice cream was demolished by my manager… If you love coffee flavoured products then you’ll absolutely love this!

Rating – 7/10

Salted Caramel

I love salted caramel flavoured products – especially ice cream. I’ve tried Jude’s Salted Caramel ice cream before and I think it is quite possibly my favourite brand currently on the market. The ice cream has the perfect balance between sweet caramel and salt, along with a silky smooth texture. I’m rating this ice cream lower as I don’t think it is as inventive as the other flavours, such as the Brown Butter Pecan or the Peanut Butter Chocolate Ripple.

Rating – 8/10


Overall, I really enjoyed the Jude’s ice cream and I will continue to sneak into my Mum’s shopping trolley when I visit in future (sorry Mum)! In my opinion, from best to worst:-

  1. Brown Butter Pecan
  2. Peanut Butter Chocolate Ripple
  3. Salted Caramel
  4. Flat White Coffee
  5. Gin and Tonic

Jude’s ice cream is available from several supermarkets including Sainsbury’sWaitrose and Ocado.

Nutristrength Pea Protein Review

Nutristrength kindly sent me a range of their products to try. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll have seen that I’m currently obsessed with their Roasted Cocoa Whey Protein Isolate. Now I’m seeing if their Pea Protein Isolate lives up to the same high standard and quality…





100% pea protein isolate


Nutritional Information

The nutritional information boosts a whopping 25.6g of protein per scoop with minimal carbs and fat.





£32.99 for 1kg which is approximately 30 servings. This price is similar to other higher end brands of pea protein.




I like that the Nutristrength pea protein isolate is exactly what it says it is. There are no hidden ingredients on the label and the fact it’s unflavoured means that you can either have it as it is or add your own flavours such as cacao or salted caramel extract. I have found that the pea protein in not just good for oats and other sweet dishes, but also for savoury dishes. I really enjoyed the Nutristrength pea protein and plan to use it again regularly!

Nutristrength’s pea protein isolate is available on their website here, from Whole Foods Market, Planet Organic and As Nature Intended.



2016 – a Year in Review

2016 has been a rollercoaster of a year for me. I have had the chance to compete internationally as a powerlifter, I have graduated and started my new job.

In January, I was invited to the GB team squad training which was sandwiched in between my first semester final year university exams. From the training, I was selected to go to the European Classic Championships in Estonia in March. I came third overall in the Junior u47kg category at the European Classic Champs with a silver medal in the deadlift which was also a Junior British deadlift record of 120kg. Under a week later, I competed at the British Universities Championship where I came first in the u47kg category despite feeling horrifically fatigued from being Estonia having travelled back only a few days before. I learnt that doing two competitions less than a week apart is something I do not want to do again – it’s too much!


From March to June, I was training, completing my final year project/dissertation and revising for my second semester final year exams at university. I completed my final university exams in June and a few days later, I flew off to Texas to compete at the World Classic Championships. Training for Worlds, completing my dissertation and revising for my finals all simultaneously was extremely challenging but I’m thankful for the opportunities given to me. At the World Classic Champs, I came fourth in the Junior u47kg category and I achieved a bronze medal in the deadlift, breaking the Junior British record again with 125kg. I was so unbelievably proud to be on the podium at Worlds as I didn’t expect it! After Worlds, I travelled to New York to visit my cousin for a few days which was an opportunity of a life time and a trip I will treasure forever.


Once I returned from New York, I had approximately six weeks until the All England Championships. After being on such a high from all the excitement, I did feel an anti-climax coming home which I think affected my training. In July, I graduated from Loughborough University with a First Class Honours BSc in Computer Science. I was so proud of myself for achieving a First after such a busy few months. In August, I competed and came first at the All England Championships but I took a different approach to the competition. I allowed myself to be more relaxed and enjoyed it a lot more as a result. After the competition, I went to Mallorca with my family for a much needed holiday.

In September, I moved to London and started my graduate job. It was hard to adjust to a new environment, a desk job and to training after a day at work. Subsequently, a back niggle gradually came on and despite de-loading, it became more of an injury. Although, I did reduce the weight I was lifting, I wanted to compete at the British Classic Championships in October as it was my last competition as a Junior. I came third at this competition and my deadlift was 15kg below my personal best due to my back. I was content with new personal best for my squat and bench. I also had my powerlifting club, my mum, my sister and my coach travel to Newcastle to support me which meant the world.


Since my last competition, I have been working on my mobility and trying to correct my APT (Anterior Pelvic Tilt) among other postural issues. I believe that this is the reason I have had muscular problems /pains with my back in the past. At the end of November, after four years my boyfriend and I parted ways which was hard but everything happens for a reason. I spent December building up my training slowly again. I also enjoyed the festive indulgences with friends, creating a month of memories so as to end 2016 on a high.

2016 – you were a crazy year, full of ups and downs but definitely a year to be remembered.