Lalani & Co and Rawligion’s Matcha Morning

Yesterday I was kindly invited to Rawligion in Fitzrovia for Lalani & Co’s Matcha Morning. Lalani & Co are a family run business who specialise in craft single-batch teas from artisan family-run gardens.

The morning started with Matcha lattes with raw almond milk and Magic’s Matcha-coconut-cayenne-cinnamon drink. They both tasted divine but the latter was incredible – I’ve never tasted a drink with so much flavour.

The first of the savoury dishes was the Matcha ginger chia pudding which was delicious. I really enjoyed the pudding and the ginger was perfectly balanced, not too overpowering.

The next dish was a sweet one and my favourite of the event – raw matcha pancakes with banana and dates. As soon as everyone tried these, the tray that they arrived on was cleared within seconds and I think that says it all.


The second savoury dish was matcha raw vegan sushi which was my least favourite of the event. It was made with cauliflower which when added with the matcha made it all a bit bland. It just needed an extra flavour to give it a kick!


The second sweet dish was the coconut matcha chi lime pie. I don’t usually go for citrus desserts when given the option but this was amazing. The lime, coconut and matcha worked perfectly together.

Our last treat did not have matcha in. These were cacao truffles and I could have eaten the whole tray… The truffles were rich and smooth – a luscious way to end the event.


All of guests were also kindly given goody bags to take away which contained Lalani & Co’s Matcha Gold and Rawligion’s Brain Mylk. We were advised to drink the Brain Mylk on the day as it wouldn’t last so I obliged and oh my goodness, it was fantastic!


Thank you so much to Lalani & Co and Rawligion for a wonderful morning of matcha goodness! It was lovely to spend time with people who have similar interests and meet new people. I know I tend to write this a lot about events but I came away feeling so content and happy after the Matcha Morning! It was so interesting to see how matcha could be used in sweet and savoury dishes. I also enjoyed learning from Jameel Lalani himself the best way to make matcha which I will take away and use in my own matcha cooking!



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