Tigress Apparel Review

Tigress Apparel sent me their Coral & Black Crossback sports bra and Coral & Black Stripe leggings to review.





I love the look of the outfit. The colour of the sports bra and the bottom of the leggings match perfectly, complimenting each other well. I think the tiger stripe pattern with the colour gradient looks really good!



I had both the sports bra and leggings in a small. The sports bra fitted me but was on the larger side. It has removable padded cups which definitely help to enhance what I have in the chest area (always a benefit)! The leggings I found to be too big around the waist but fitted well on my legs. I could probably have done with an extra small on the sports bra and the leggings but small is the smallest available. The leggings could have done with having string round the waist to combat this issue. I like that the leggings have the flattering seam on the back to accentuate le booty.



The sports bra is quite substantial and flattering. The material of the leggings is quite thin (similar fabric to brands such as ICANIWILL) so I think that they would be more suitable for the summer as to oppose to the winter.



The sports bra is £13.99 and the leggings are £29.99 which I think is quite reasonable.



Being quite petite (size 6) and having a small frame, the leggings weren’t suitable for me as they were far too big round the waist. I think that an extra small would have been ideal for me. I love the pattern and colour gradient of the leggings but they are most definitely something for the summer wardrobe!


Overall rating 6/10

The sport bra is available here and the leggings here.


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