5 Tips for Surviving Adulting

1. Embrace the change

Yes, everything may be different – you may be living in a new location or doing something completely new. It will take time to settle in and get into a new routine but embrace the new adventure.

2. Accept that you may not be able to continue the same fitness routine

That doesn’t mean you have to give up something you enjoy but perhaps making tweaks to your training regime may help with time management. You could swap high reps to low reps with a heavier weight or perhaps add in interval training instead of a 10k run. Change it up, find what you enjoy and what you can make time for.

3. Plan your meals

Don’t fall into the trap of not eating or grabbing what you can due to a lack of time. Remember that food is fuel and if you don’t eat enough you won’t recover from your training. That doesn’t mean you can’t go out and enjoy a big fat juicy burger if you want to but you may not feel the best if you do this every night, be sensible.

4. Don’t forget to look after yourself

Make time for yourself. Whether that’s giving yourself a chance to sit down and read a book or to mong in bed watching YouTube video, make sure you get your ‘you’ time!

5. Live life

Make plans with friends, find new friends and see your family. Go out and have dinner, see a film and organise events to look forward to – after all life is for living!


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