Mornflake’s The Oat Games

On Sunday 24th July, I travelled up to Cheshire to attend The Oat Games, an event hosted by Mornflake. Mornflake have been milling oats since 1675 and 15 generations later are still owned by the Lea family, which in my eyes is amazing considering the number of family businesses which have not survived!

Photos taken by @veesfitnessfood

The Oat Games were held in a Mornflake Oat crop which had been transformed into our playground for the day. We were put through our paces by Mornflake’s local CrossFit, CW1, starting with learning how to flip tyres and prowler sprints. After, we were put into pairs to complete 3×7 WODs (workout of the day), counting our total number of reps as we went. I was paired with Richard from the Mornflake team and he definitely helped me to keep going through the workout as I found it tough – just a bit different from the usual powerlifting training haha! Once we completed the workout, we cooled down with a yoga session led by the Boys of Yoga.


Photo taken by @mornflake

We were treated to delicious snacks and smoothies created by the talented Nic’s Nutrition, including the amazing Almond Butter & Oat Protein Bites which were my favourite of the day! The recipe of the protein bites can be found here on the Mornflake website along with all of the other recipes we tried.


Photo taken by @danceflowlift

I had such an amazing day meeting so many of the other bloggers I have interacted with on social media, as well as new bloggers. It was lovely to put names (or Instagram handles!) to faces and to connect with people who share my passion for health and fitness! The CrossFit workout and the yoga definitely put me outside of my comfort zone but it was refreshing and exciting to try new things. I want to say a massive thank you to the team at Mornflake for creating such a special and fun event – an experience I will never forget!

The video of the day is now on YouTube here and you can find out more about the event on the Mornflake blog here!


Photo taken by @mornflake




One thought on “Mornflake’s The Oat Games

  1. What a fantastic (and bloody tiring) day! I’ve always wanted to try Crossfit but it does look brutal compared to a regular gym. Maybe one day. Really pleased to hear that Mornflake is a long-lived family company. It probably says it on their bags, but I’ve been too busy eating the oats to pay any heed to that! It’s rather satisfying to know that the oats are well looked after.


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